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Quranic Excellence

About Us​

Your Quran Learning Journey Start with SEDRA​

Your Quran Learning Journey Starts with SEDRA, where we are committed to providing you with the highest quality Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies courses. Our mission is to make learning accessible and enjoyable, fostering a deeper understanding of the Quran and Islamic traditions. Join us on this educational voyage, and let SEDRA be your trusted partner in your pursuit of knowledge and spiritual growth.


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Mission & Vision

Learn the Quran's Wisdom


We educate children in Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies through expert teachers, emphasizing profound Arabic courses. Our aim is to nurture a child's character, fostering honesty, politeness, and a love for peace worldwide. Utilizing top-notch online teaching methods globally, we value knowledge and allocate a portion of profits to charitable initiatives, enhancing social activities.


To excel as leading educators in imparting Quranic and Arabic knowledge to non-Arabic speakers, establishing a presence in every corner of the globe.


Multilingual Tutors

Making sure our students from various linguistic backgrounds can connect with the beauty of the Quran in their preferred language.
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Personalized Learning

Embark on a tailored educational adventure with Sedra Academy's five major learning levels, each comprising four sub-levels.
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Tajweed Excellence

Experience Quranic mastery with Sedra's exceptional Tajweed books, unparalleled in quality and expertise.
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Teacher-Student Bond

Our educators impart knowledge & forge a meaningful bond, ensuring a nurturing & supportive environment that goes beyond textbooks.
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Tradition and Innovation

A harmonious blend of traditional teaching methods enriched with modern pedagogical approaches.
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Our Values

Learn the Quran's Wisdom

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Our Teachers

Team of Expert Teachers

Meet our esteemed 'Team of Expert Teachers' at Sedra Academy—an assembly of dedicated educators committed to illuminating your learning journey. With diverse backgrounds and specialized expertise, our instructors stand poised to impart profound knowledge in Quranic studies and Arabic language, ensuring a transformative and enriching educational experience for every student.

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Learn Online with
Multilingual and Native Tutors

Experience the essence of learning with Sedra Academy – where online education transcends boundaries. Engage in an enriching journey led by our adept team of multilingual and native tutors. Uncover a personalized approach to learning, tailored to match your unique style. Dive deep into Quranic studies and Arabic language, guided by our passionate educators committed to unlocking your fullest potential