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Correct Your Memorization or Recitation

About Course

The Correct Your Memorization or Recitation course at Sedra Academy is designed to refine and perfect Quranic memorization and recitation skills for individuals seeking to enhance their existing proficiency. This

course is tailored to provide targeted guidance and support for students who have already memorized portions of the Quran or possess prior recitation skills but aim to elevate their proficiency levels. Led by experienced tutors, this program focuses on fine-tuning Tajweed principles, rectifying memorization errors, and improving recitation fluency. Participants will engage in personalized sessions aimed at identifying and rectifying specific recitation or memorization gaps, ensuring an accurate and beautiful rendering of the divine scripture.

This Correct Your Memorization or Recitation course is tailored to refine Quranic memorization and recitation skills, offering personalized assessment, Tajweed refinement, error identification and correction, recitation fluency enhancement, personalized guidance, advanced memorization techniques, structured practice, and progress evaluation.


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