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Jawwed Course – Sedra’s Exclusive

About Course

Dive into the Jawwed Course at Sedra Academy, a transformative Quranic journey focused on precise recitation, Tajweed mastery, and deep understanding of Arabic letters across four comprehensive sub-levels. Beginning with Jawwed 0, students embark on memorizing Surahs Al-Mujadalah and Al-Hashr, delving into our final Tajweed book, and comprehending Arabic letter characteristics. The learner explores traits such as Hams and Jahr, refining their Tajweed skills.

Progressing to Jawwed 1, students commit to memorizing Surah Al-Mumtahana and Surat Al-Saff. Applying acquired Tajweed rules, they deepen their understanding of various letter traits like “Shiddah,” “Bayiniyah,” and “Rakhawah,” honing precise Quranic recitation skills.

In Jawwed 2, students memorize Surah Al-Jumu’ah, Surat Al-Munafiqun, and Surat Al-Taghabun. The focus intensifies on Tajweed intricacies and the four unique characteristics of Arabic letters: “Isti’laa,” “Istifal,” “Itbaaq,” and “Infitah,” fostering a deeper appreciation for the Quranic text.

Advancing to Jawwed 3, the student engrains Surat Al-Talaq, laying the foundation for memorization of longer Surahs. Exploring attributes like “Izalaq,” “Isamat,” “Qalqalah,” and “Safeer,” students elevate their Tajweed understanding, preparing for advanced Quranic study.

Culminating in Jawwed 4, students master Surat Al-Tahrim, completing the first three Juz’s and concluding the fourth Tajweed book. Equipped with advanced Tajweed skills and profound Quranic knowledge, students are prepared for excellence in recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran.

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Making sure our students from various linguistic backgrounds can connect with the beauty of the Quran in their preferred language.

Personalized Learning

Embark on a tailored educational adventure with Sedra Academy's five major learning levels, each comprising four sub-levels.

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Experience Quranic mastery with Sedra's exceptional Tajweed books, unparalleled in quality and expertise.

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Our educators impart knowledge & forge a meaningful bond, ensuring a nurturing & supportive environment that goes beyond textbooks.

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A harmonious blend of traditional teaching methods enriched with modern pedagogical approaches.

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