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Tadabbar Course – Sedra’s Exclusive

About Course

Embark on an illuminating journey through the “Tadabbar Course” at Sedra Academy, designed to guide students toward Quranic recitation mastery, Arabic language comprehension, and in-depth Tajweed knowledge across four progressive levels. Commencing with memorizing select Surahs and delving into their meanings in Tadabbar 0, learners explore the Tanween lesson from the Arabic book Noor Al-Bayan. Additionally, students begin their journey into the second Tajweed book, mastering the rules of Meem Sakinah.

Advancing in Tadabbar 1, students memorize Surat Al-Muttafafin while comprehending the Ayah meanings. They delve into lessons on Shaddah, lam Shamsiyah from Noor Al-Bayan, and engage with Tajweed rules concerning Noon Sakinah and Tanween.

Continuing the progression, in Tadabbar 2, students commit Surat Al-Takwir and Al-Infitar to memory while deepening their comprehension of Ayah meanings. Exploration of Shaddah with Tanween from Noor al-Bayan and engagement with the Madd rules in the second Tajweed book characterize this stage.

Moving further, in Tadabbar 3, students memorize Surah Abasa, gaining insights into Ayah meanings. Completion of the Tarteel Rules from Noor al-Bayan signifies the culmination of Arabic language learning, enabling proficient Quranic reading. Additionally, students navigate Tajweed rules outlined in the second book until they reach the lesson of Alif al-Wasl.

Culminating in Tadabbar 4, students achieve mastery of Juz’ Amma by memorizing Surat An-Nazi’at and An-Naba’, enabling them to read from the Noble Qur’an fluently. Accomplishment of Nour al-Bayan empowers them to cover a wide array of topics and Surahs with ease, while also completing the remaining lessons in the second Tajweed book.

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