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Enter the Tanafas Course at Sedra Academy, a transformative learning journey focusing on Quranic recitation, Arabic language enhancement, and the mastery of Tajweed rules across four immersive sub-levels. Building upon foundational knowledge from previous levels, Tanafas 0 commences with Surah Al-Mulk and Al-Qalam memorization. Exploring the intricacies of Arabic letter articulation through the third Tajweed book, students concentrate on reviewing throat letters previously covered and delving into letters formed in the empty space between the mouth and throat.

Advancing to Tanafas 1, students memorize Surat Al-Haqqah and Al-Ma’arij while progressing through the third Tajweed book. This phase emphasizes the pronunciation of Arabic letters formed in the tongue, focusing on the deepest and middle parts of the tongue.

In Tanafas 2, students commit Surat Nuh and Al-Jinn to memory, continuing their journey through the third Tajweed book. This level prioritizes the study of letters articulated with the side part of the tongue, specifically the unique Arabic letter “dād” (ض).

Moving forward to Tanafas 3, students memorize Surahs Al-Muzzammil, Al-Muddaththir, and Al-Qiyamah. Further exploration of the third Tajweed book deepens understanding, concentrating on all articulation points of the Arabic letters, particularly the top and tip of the tongue, resulting in proficient Arabic tongue mastery.

Culminating in Tanafas 4, students complete memorization of the entire Juz “Tabarak”, including Surat Al-Insan and Al-Mursalat. Finishing the third book of Tajweed, they master all articulation points of Arabic letters, encompassing those pronounced with the lips and nose.

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Making sure our students from various linguistic backgrounds can connect with the beauty of the Quran in their preferred language.

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Embark on a tailored educational adventure with Sedra Academy's five major learning levels, each comprising four sub-levels.

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Experience Quranic mastery with Sedra's exceptional Tajweed books, unparalleled in quality and expertise.

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